Papa’s Got An Old Used Bag

By | August 29, 2013

Green living can take many forms. You can be an activist, raising awareness of ways to live a greener lifestyle, and doing so by working to improve the condition of our planet. Or you can do little things that add up. In the latter category, there are many things that can be done to encourage the running of a greener planet, among which one is recycling. Recycling need not simply be a matter of passing things on to municipal services to process for further use, it can also be something you do yourself.

One example of such activity is reusing shopping bags. At the supermarket, food is placed into carrier bags – some of which may be made from recycled paper, and some of which are more likely to be made from non-biodegradable plastic. Regardless of what form they take, these bags will take energy to produce, and if disposed of outside of a recycling plant they will take a toll on the environment.

Instead of forgetting about the shopping bags once they have been put to their original use, it is possible to use them again and again. Obviously, some will be beyond use eventually, but in many other cases there is nothing to stop you from using the same shopping bag repeatedly. Indeed many supermarkets worldwide now offer incentives to use shopping bags again and again, and as it may benefit you financially to do so, why not give the environment a helping hand by keeping the old bags?

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