Why Should I Install Solar Panels On My Home?

By | August 31, 2013

Solar energy is in the news almost daily.  But have you been wondering whether or not installing solar panels on your home would be a good choice for your family?  Here are a few of the most compelling reasons.

The economic climate is finally favorable again for people who want to use solar energy at home.  There are now federal tax credits in place (or soon to be in place) that can lower the cost of installing a residential solar energy system by as much as 30%.  And don’t forget to check into your state and city incentives, too.  The list of states and cities that are offering tax credit and other incentives to help people convert to solar energy is continuing to grow.

There is also the immediate cost savings you will see in lower monthly utility bills. Since you solar panels will be powering your appliances during the day, you will be seeing a savings in electricity usage.  And if your local utility company participates in net metering, your electric bill could be reduced to zero.  Net metering allows you to sell back any excess electricity that your solar panels produce to the electric company for a credit to your account.  So if your solar electric system produces a surplus during the day, the electricity that you use from the grid at night could end up being free.

Solar energy is also great for the environment.  It is produced on site where it is used.  So there are no fuel transportation costs or emissions, and no plant maintenance costs.  It does not contribute to global warming.  There is no pollution from burning oil or coal, and it does not produce nuclear waste that will contaminate the planet for generations to come.  And last but not least, it is a great way to protect yourself and your family against the future energy price hikes that experts predict.


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